[COCO]ParagonShinbi allbodyslide_Released

[Content ] 
  • The preview shows the correct armor reference.
  • A total of four color types
  • Contains SMP physics(If you don't know how to use SMP physics, please find the Q&A tab in my blog, which will have an answer.)
  • Contains CBBE and  UUNP HDT BodySlide
  • Please use AddItemMenu to get the props. 
  • When installing, choose the body shape of clothing you need, and then build the body shape of clothing through BODYSLIDE.
[Necessary plug-in] 
  •  Textures production By COCO 

Please don't upload again anywhere.  Have fun :)
Reproduced please leave the credit.

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  1. Your Armors are so high quality, its insane, keep up the great work! Definetly gonna pledge on patreon once i get a safe income!

  2. Wow.. this is awesome, thanks for the excellent mod

  3. Awesome, Thank you for sharing.

  4. Awesome mod... I have to wonder about the walk animation. Is it a complete walk, run, sprint and standing animation?
    Could you point me where to download those anims?

    Seriously, that really complements the outfit. Its perfect.

  5. Could you please update the link? It does not seem to be working anymore.


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