This is a DOA costume that was transplanted very early.

[Content ] 
  • The preview shows the correct armor reference.
  • Contains CBBE and  UUNP HDT BodySlide
  • Please use AddItemMenu to get the props. 
  • When installing, choose the body shape of clothing you need, and then build the body shape of clothing through BODYSLIDE.
[Necessary plug-in] 

Please don't upload again anywhere.  Have fun :)
Reproduced please leave the credit.

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  1. Nice, but, do not miss the slider presets to build it? Without making me the clothes, they remain invisible during the game

    1. Resolved, excuse the annoyance, but not being practical of the program, it took me a while to come to terms with it

  2. Can't activate, saying it needs Heels Sound.esm....

  3. COOL!
    What's mod that whip?

  4. hey love your work but for some reason I try to use bodslide to conform to my body presets I use and it doesn't show up correctly seems like this is not for skyrim se or am I doing some wrong?


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